A step-by-step of your period, in cat gifs.

Because, well, it’s the internet.


1. You’re going about your day, and suddenly you feel *it*. It’s time.



2. You frantically search in your bag for something, anything, that will stop the flow of blood from your vagina.


This would’ve been so much easier if you’d bought the bag with COMPARTMENTS goddammit.

(Or, indeed, if you had a Flux delivery – get yours here)


3. You’ve got nothing. Panic sets in.



4. There’s only one thing to do: message your office BFF about your situation



5. That feeling when she’s only got pads and you need tampons


Time to suck it up: this is a war man, and you’ve gotta make do if you want to survive


6. Grab the goods, disguise them by shoving them up your sleeve and head to the toilet, stat.


Nobody needs to know a thing…


7. Feel guilty for shoving your sanitary towel up your sleeve.


Because this is totally not something you should be ashamed of


8. Sort out whatever mess is going on down there, then carry on with your day


Potentially while really bloated and/or in pain


9. You wake up the next morning to discover your pad or tampon has moved in the night and you’ve got leaks






11. So you spend half an hour scrubbing your white sheets and satin PJs in the sink


Women are pros at getting rid of bloodstains. Remember that.


12. Stock up on extra supplies because you know day 2 is gonna be heavy



13.  Wait, is that the time?!


And now you’re late for work…


14. Spend all day doing the ‘period walk’ to and from the toilet


Leaks are the. Worst.


15. Get home and collapse, you’ve made it through the worst day


The rest of your period is a-okay in comparison to *this* day


16. Day 3: Where has all the loo roll gone??


Oh, right.


17. You start to wonder if this is ever going to end



18. And if you’re ever going to stop feeling like this



19. But thankfully, it does! You feel like you’ve survived a majorly traumatising experience


Weirdly, post-period feels are pretty good.

Check out Flux to see how we can help you deal with your period.


Cat gifs from catgifpage and cutecatgifs



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