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As if getting your first period isn’t daunting enough, we recently learned that 1 in 4 British girls starts their period before ever being taught about them in school! With children starting puberty at much younger ages now than ever before (the average age for getting your first period is 12, but it can start as young as 8), it’s so important to make sure kids are prepared in plenty of time for the changes their bodies will go through.

Education is also the best tool to break down stigmas, so being able to confidently teach children of all genders about menstruation without shame or taboos can help to ensure the next generation doesn’t grow up with negative attitudes towards periods.

So in honour of today being Menstrual Hygiene Day, we’ve put together the round-up of some of the best education resources to help teach kids about puberty and periods (and even us so-called adults could learn a thing or two)!

BBC Radio 1 Advice

BBC Period Advice

The BBC Radio 1 Advice page has some good intros to lots of different puberty-related topics, from periods to piercings, for young people of all genders. (Some content isn’t suitable for younger kids though).

First Period

First Period

First Period is a site that has recently launched especially to teach girls about starting their periods. It’s brilliantly clear and matter-of-fact, and a really comprehensive guide to everything menstruation related that frankly, we could all probably learn a thing or two from!

NHS Live Well

NHS teaching about puberty

The trusty NHS has a section on their website devoted to puberty, including tips for parents on how to teach kids about periods, and highlights the need to teach boys about them too.


Menstrupedia Comic - The Friendly Guide to Periods for Girls

Menstrupedia is a comic designed to teach girls in India about periods, but is really useful in any country. It does a brilliant job of presenting the topic in a friendly and clear way (great for introducing periods to younger children), and challenges myths and misunderstandings about menstruation.


FPA – Puberty and Periods

FPA What you need to know periods

FPA (the sexual health charity) has some great leaflets that cover puberty and periods with plenty of cartoons (the period one looks a bit like it belongs in the 1980s, but we can forgive it because it’s one of the few resources to talk about menstrual cups as an alternative option to tampons or pads).

Easy Health


Easy Health period education

Easy Health has some useful leaflets that are specifically designed for helping to teach people with learning difficulties about periods.

Have you come across some other great resources for puberty and period education? Share them in the comments!



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