Why periods?


Welcome to our blog! We are Flux, and this is our first blog post. Flux is a pad and tampon subscription box company based in the UK (and that means that we deliver pads, tampons and liners, in the combinations you want, just before your period every month).

As co-founders of a pad and tampon subscription box company, we often get a lot of double-takes and funny looks when we tell people what we do. The reason for this is that periods are something people don’t talk about: from the point where boys and girls are taken into different rooms for sex education, to the grown women who hide their tampon in their sleeve when they go to the bathroom, we’re all taught to run like hell whenever anyone mentions anything to do with the topic.

Which is partly why we decided to start the business: one of our main missions at Flux is to be a menstrual hygiene company that stands for a lot more than just buying and selling pads and tampons.

Our name ‘Flux’ represents the positive change we want to see in the way that periods are perceived and dealt with by society, and this blog is an extension of our mission. We’re here to talk about all things period-related, plus feminism, women’s health, and even a few posts here and there about how we started up the company. If there’s anything you want to hear more about, or even want to contribute to the blog, then send us a message on support@fluxboxes.com and we’ll be happy to fit them in!

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword – so let’s put it to good use and break down period stigma one blog post at a time!

We’ll be back soon,

Apoorva and Dulcie
Co-Founders of Flux